NIMO ECO Dryer 2.0 HP Titanium

Technical information

Dimensions(HxWxD): 1930x595x675mm
Color: Titanium
Weight: 95kg
Capacity: Hanging length 16 metres, normal load 4 kg
Noise level: 52dB(A) – in principle no louder than a refrigerator
Electrical connection: Connect to normal wall outlet, one phase 230 V 10 A
Energy consumption: 1.3 kWh with normal load (4 kg). Down to 0.28 kWh/kg with maximum load (8 kg)
Quick drying: Up to 22 g water per minute
Protection class: IP24, SEMKO and CE approved
Connection: Requires no extract air ventilation

Product info

  • Floor standing model
  • Sensor controlled
  • Energy-efficient heat pump technology
  • Quiet
  • Requires no extract air ventilation
  • Two fully automatic programmes
  • Three rows of collapsible, pull-out hangers
  • Double glove rack on the inside of the door

The ECO Dryer 2.0 HP is by far the market’s most effective, quietest and most energy-efficient drying cabinet. And it’s also extremely attractive!

1 740€ (+ VAT 20%)
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