Laundry Room Dehumidifier Contra 1200

Technical information

Dimensions(HxWxD): 700x580x410mm
Air quantity m3/h: 1500
Electrical connection (V): 220 (1 phase)
Output kW: 1,3
Fuse: 10 A (slow-blow)
Cooler: R407c
Water canalization: D=32mm PVC
Optimum operating temperature range: +5…+32C (max. setting option +35C)
Permitted humidity level of the room: Up to 90RH
Time relay: Included
Overheating protection: Included
Pump compressor: Included
Hygrostat: Accessory
Electrical battery 3.5 kW:

Product info

  • Dries a normal load of washing in around two hours due to effective air handling technology
  • Low energy consumption – 75% lower than an electrical aerotemper and 85% lower than a hot water aerotemper
  • Powder-colored (white) panels and (black) frame
  • Automatic defrosting
  • The device is without a water tank. Water is directed directly into the drainage or collecting container located in another room
  • Keeps the drying room dry, at the right temperature and free of mould
  • Suitable for drying rooms up to 30 m²
  • Top-class corrosion protection for a long lifetime in tough environments
  • A quality Swedish product constructed of premium materials
  • Usage: in warehouses, in construction, in the food industry, in laundries, etc.

The Teenexa Moisture Moisturizer is effective, economical and provides the best possible results in drying the laundry in a drying room or in a drying cabinet. Control of the device with a reliable and simple electromechanical thermostat, which is pre-set to + 25C.

2 549€ (+ VAT 20%)