ETS 1700 E white

Technical information

Dimensions(HxWxD): 1715x595x615mm
Color: White
Weight: 56kg
Capacity: Hanging length 16 metres, volume 4 kg and upwards
Noise level: < 60dB(A)
Electrical connection: One phase 230 V 10 A, heater power 1500 W, motor 35 W with overheat protection
Drying system: Extract air. Supplied with ventilation connections
Fan capacity: 180 m³ of which 25% is evacuated
Protection class: IP24, SEMKO and CE approved

Product info

  • High floor standing model
  • Extract air
  • Sensor controlled
  • Two automatic programmes
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Energy-efficient and practical
  • 40% less electricity consumption compared to traditional drying cabinets

Drying cabinets with dial controls have long been the standard for our drying cabinet models – but the new technology makes it possible to save up to 40% electricity. The built-in humidity sensor shuts off the drying process as soon as the clothes are dry – completely automatically! Two set automatic programmes (40°/60°) and the possibility of manual timer control. Three rows of collapsible and pull-out hangers. The inside of the door is also equipped with three door hangers.

600€ (+ VAT 20%)
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